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Electronic health records

Improve your efficiency with Aprima, not just your recordkeeping. Aprima was designed to help doctors gain more control over their time and their practice. We continuously innovate to meet changing needs, compliance regulations and emerging technology for greater efficiency, so you get access to the latest solutions.

Listening to Physicians
Aprima's technology leadership has come about primarily because we listen to physicians and their staffs. They actively participate in helping us design workflow and tools that meet the needs of medical practices. Through our bi-monthly physician advisory panel meetings. we learn what works, what needs work and what should be on the road map for the future.

Create dictation and ensure seamless transcription with a solution that doesn't require a change in the way you practice medicine. Aprima supports a variety of transcription and dictation import and export methods to streamline the EHR creation process.

Health Maintenance
Help ensure patients comply with medical advice and best practices via automated alerts. Get better outcomes and increase practice revenue with an easy-to-use solution that alerts you to diagnosis and payer information as well as overdue tests or procedures.

Use Aprima's handwriting feature on a tablet PC to write new prescriptions or quickly write refills electronically. It's liberating. And legible. Download a patient’s medication history from the pharmacy to learn if any prescriptions you're considering may conflict with any the patient already takes.

Adaptive Learning
Aprima learns how you practice and adapts to you, resulting in easier adoption and deployment. For example, commonly selected items bubble to the top of lists.

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