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Guarantees (and Fine Print)
Every EHR vendor that plans to be around in this business for the long haul is offering a guarantee that their software will enable providers to meet the government's MU criteria. What are the vendors offering if they're unable to modify their software to meet the criteria?

Credits range but are generally related to several months of service or support fees or software license fees. And while that IS money back, be aware of the caveats in the fine print. They clearly represent a windfall in billable hours for the attorneys.

Some vendors will only pay if their software can't pass the hurdle after several YEARS! Others won't pay if the practice has let their support payments lapse. Another says they'll give you your money back but only at the same time that you would have gotten the payment from the government. Hey! Don't you think that vendor will be out of business long before they dole out any money? And here's our favorite fine print. The vendor obliquely notes that if they can't meet the criteria, they will provide software that will meet the criteria. Hmm. Why don't they just provide the software that works in the first place?!

As for Aprima's "guarantee," it's simple. If you're choosing between them and another vendor but the other vendor's "guarantee" makes you all warm and fuzzy, and that is going to be your deciding factor, well, Aprima will match their terms. Word for word. That takes the "guarantee" off the table and focuses the decision on usability – where it should be.

Meanwhile, how do you choose an EHR vendor that is likely to meet the criteria so that you can get started now? Unlike the stock market, in software, past performance is evidence of future results. Choose a vendor whose software has consistently met an independent association or trade group's requirements (*). Why? Because the vendor's software engineers did it before and will do it again.

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