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Medical billing

Are you getting paid what you earned?

You didn’t enter the field of medicine for the joy of managing denied claims. Unless you dedicate a good share of attention, though, you may be losing thousands of dollars every month in denied claims, underpayments, missed deadlines and inaccurate coding.

Knowing this, AOS Medical™ Billing Services provides medical practices with a revenue cycle management solution – AOS Medical™ Billing Services – to take on these responsibilities. We make sure that your practice receives all the income you’ve earned, holding ourselves accountable for ensuring you are paid promptly and fully. Best of all, our fees are aligned with your collections. You get paid before we get paid.

Partnering for Performance

Many practices lack the time and expertise to manage appeals and other billing issues that can result in thousands of dollars lost every month.

AOSMedical ™  Billing Services provides that focus and expertise, partnering with each practice to help increase reimbursements, speed up payment time, and reduce denials and underpayments.

We don’t simply process claims. We have years of expertise in CMS Medically Necessary Rules, prepayment audits, insurance recoupments, ICD-10, Meaningful Use and PQRS.

And we NEVER off-shore services.

AOS Medical Billing Services: Revenue Cycle Management

What results do practices see from the billing service?
  • Some customers see dramatic improvement in their collections; on average, practices gain 7-9%
  • Faster payments – days in A/R 13 days less than MGMA averages for each specialty, frequently under 30 days – a documented 30% improvement over published MGMA survey data
  • Denied or underpaid claims pursued every time, every claim, boosting revenue
  • More accurate charges and correct coding suggestions
  • Better forecasting and understanding of practice finances

AOS Medical™  Billing Services doesn’t just write off denied charges or underpayments. We have the financial knowledge we need to be proactive rather than reactive and act swiftly and diligently on that intelligence to appeal inappropriate denials or underpayments.

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